Thursday, October 28, 2010

technology news

Sadly, in tech news, Sony has just announced that it will no longer be manufacturing and selling the Walkman Cassette player.  Yes, I said cassette.  I didn't know they were still making these things- it goes to show you that even after 30 years, in the face of stiff competition, the Walkman Cassette had such a strong appeal and hung in there and refused to die. Or maybe it's just a lot of clueless dumbasses out there.

In the 80's,


all-american 80's family
big on heart and hair

before IPhone, MP3 players, CD players and the erosion of family values, there was the Walkman Cassette player. The Walkman was one of the 'must have' gadgets of the 80's and it established yourself firmly in the 'hip' crowd.  It can be argued that the Walkman started the now ubiquitous trend of social self-alienation - Now one finally had a way to drown out the irritating sounds of their family, and you could also pretend you didn't hear the homeless man asking for change-combine that with a pair of dark sunglasses and you practically became invisible.  The Walkman was also very convenient. Your music was truly portable and could go wherever you wanted to go. No longer did you have to lug around a heavy boom box to the playground to enjoy the sweet sounds of  Wham! while swinging away to your little hearts content. And if you wanted to get in the new fad of  'jogging', the Walkman was there for you, caressing your ears with sweaty foamy goodness.  But like all technology, something better is always around the corner. 

hedonistic sex symbols

RIP Sony Cassette Walkman

early 80's, tape recorder days-  it really sucked

a couple years later I got a general electric boom box, a huge upgrade in music equipment


  1. so sad. RIP Sony Walkman cassette. i won't forget the wasteful time spent with you fast forwarding and rewinding. it was in those quiet, frustrating moments that i learned so much about myself and longed for something more efficient. goodbye.

  2. the memories "the walkman" brings back. I remember how excited and how cool it was to have my very own walkman.-10 years old, Mc Kinley Park, southside Chicago, summer days, riding bikes, smokin crack, dead hookers, ice cream, jolly ranchers- good times!!

  3. well hank, sounds you had an awesome childhood, you should write a frickin blog yourself

    let me know if you want to write a guest post on our blog

  4. You can't handle the truth!!

  5. you guys are funny. will you consider reviewing ?


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