Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bears win! Packers lose! 4-1 First place!

Bears win 23-6.  Well Im relieved! I knew the Bears would win today, but I didn't expect them to dominate like they did. Passing irrelevent as cutler will be back next week (however, not having a solid back-up QB is worrisome-thx cheap management). The Bears finally got their rushing game going which included some rushing td's! wow, is this real life?  This is the kind of game I like- tough defense, running the ball, control the clock.  Forte rushed for 166 of the 200+ rushing yards. I hope one day forte's name can be included with the likes of bronko, sayers, and the greatest- walter payton.
Collins managed to not die today but with a 6.3 passer rating maybe he wished he did or at the very least, hoped for a good ole concussion to play the sympathy card
Ok, you say we shouldn't get too excited over a winless team. I say screw that negativity. what happened with detroit today? they got their first win thrashing the.500 rams 44-6!
Seattle- bring it


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