Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If Cutler goes in the game this week so should Virginia

Not all blame should go to cutler for the dismal performance against the giants. the guy is terrified! - he gets atrocious support from his offensive line.  bears have neglected to protect their biggest investment.  So i think that if cutler goes in the next game with his recent brain injury then I feel the 87 year old daughter of papa halas needs to suit up and get on that O-line.  Look at her- she is ferocious! she gonna kick some ass!


  1. she is looking good! damn!
    But Jay held the ball way too long, bad play calling as well. Get rid of dat shit!

  2. y'all are crazy.
    Cutler is the 2nd coming of Christ and you know it!
    And with all these former head coaches on staff, da Bears are gonna rally around and win out every game left in the season!
    Sonofabitch I'm bored...

  3. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! It's Greg!
    I admire your optimism, foolhardy as it is

    titanic crew " big deal...a big fucking ice cube, we gonna smash through that somabitch.....get a pitcher of lemonade ready"


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