Monday, March 14, 2011

California Bound!!!!

Yo Chris!

Are you psyched for Cali or whaaaaaaaaaat?! Here's some inspiration pics to get you and Mom pumped for the trip.

Entertainment History!



Beautiful Beaches!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

"hear the flash, like a flame, faster than a plane, a mystery with the name...."

Over the past couple of days the world has been immersed in the details of the devastating 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that struck mainland Japan. After some explosions at the nuclear power plants, authorities are now trying to cool down the reactors to avoid a complete meltdown. Yeah, thousands dead, cruel world, shit happens, must be God's plan. As I was reading the news I took notice that one of the power plants that exploded was 40 years old.  Thinking about Japan and the early 70's brought back a long lost memory of a TV show I watched as a kid, a Japanese sci-fi show dubbed in English


Looking up some info on Wiki I find out that Spectreman originally aired first in Japan in 1971.  Yes, that's 40 yrs ago. Also surprising, Tokyo at the time was considered one of the most polluted cities in the world and this sci-fi TV show may have been inspired by that as it dealt with 'saving the world' themes. Later on. the show aired in the Chicago area in the later 70's on UHF.  I believe it was channel 44. All I remember is that it was one crazy show with a very catchy theme song.

I think Japan now needs Spectreman

green river

The downtown Saint Patty parade took place today and it marked Daley's last appearance as mayor.  I didn't go this year and sadly the infamous Southside parade that was canceled a few years ago was not resurrected.  I just wanted to throw up a video I made of the downtown parade back in 07.  This video was one of my first attempts at editing. I used a 60 dollar editing program called AVS. I hadn't planned on making a video but thought I could do something with all the footage from two different cameras (you will notice this when andrea takes a pic of lady next to bike). I combined still-shots with video and found copyright-free music online. The result is something that is a little more entertaining than a still-shot slide show or 2 hour home video that never ends. I had a lot of fun making it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

heart attack grill

Not really a shocker really. No one who weighs more than a quarter-ton is expected to live that long. It wasn't a heart attack but pneumonia that got him. Although I'm not a body mechanic, I'm pretty sure the excessive weight had something to do with his demise- compromised immune function or something like that. So, some people are wondering if the Heart Attack Grill should be shut down because it could endanger lives, that we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic and that a place like this sets a bad example.

Are you kidding me? A bad example? Oh stop. True, this burger joint is extremely unhealthy and eating too many meals here would be akin to suicide by food. But it's all novelty, a very successful marketing gimmick. No one is trying to hide anything. They don't pretend to do anything but deliver the most unhealthy and disgusting food possible. The warnings are clear- eat this shit and you may die. Even kids are discouraged from eating here. Contrast that with the heavily frequented big-chain fast food restaurants. For years big name places have been silently and secretly fattening up the population and only recently due to pressure have they started to make healthier changes.

"Do you want those fries?"

And let's remember, this is America. We have freedom of religion, speech and food. If you want to stuff your face and turn into an obesity statistic, by golly you have that right. Go ahead and continue to eat 6000 calories a day and condemn yourself to a life of always running out of toilet paper. It's your choice.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Learning on a Budget

Since Bianca and I have a cramped house of randomness due in large part to years of thrift store shopping, now reaching full capacity, we have to be even more selective. I figure since we have a blog now, I can just photograph and "virtually" keep these rare finds forever.

These are from our last trip to the book section:

Is that? No.

There is absolutely no mention anywhere explaining Don Knotts involvement in brick work or this book in general.


                                                               Life changing toilet reads.


                                                                      Cheap porn.

                                                               For my cinema shelf.


He-Man LITERALLY smells trouble. "That dude just ran off with MY poop in HIS pants!" I have no idea how or why He-Man's poop got into the villains pants. I didn't write this stupid book, lay off. Photobucket

And the only book we ended up taking home. Bianca's pick.


How could you not pick up the concrete book with don knotts?? "If I can do it, YOU can do it" Oh man, that is too funny. Love his facial expression on the cover, reminds me of the mr. know-it-all false bravado of barney fife. I'm trying to picture him mixing up a batch in the wheelbarrow. Them bags are pretty heavy.
Good job passing up on the self-help books-those are usually just a bunch of nonsense with made up stories.

"What is the Meaning of Life?" Oh, I'll answer that one. Simple- It's whatever you want it to be. Ok, now gimme my fcuking 20 bucks!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gus Pausz Artwork

Erick, I got your message that the painting arrived safely across the country and into your hands. I don't know if you have ever seen this photo but this is where we hung the painting and what the mat/frame looked liked. I don't have a date for the photo but I'm guessing it's very close to the date on the painting. Backstory- This was artwork done by our late Uncle Gus Pausz. For over 25 years I had this safely tucked away in my brief case but unfortunately stored in a folded state. This resulted in some damage. My hope was that I'd restore it some day or make high quality prints of it. Let us know what you plan to do and please detail the process within this blog post. Since this is all I have, keep it safe. Thanks!

Gus Pausz (1943-2002)

Gus Pausz was an innovative educator who taught art for over 30 years. A gifted artist, he had a wide variety of interest such as birding, planting Midwest prairies, and book illustrating. The guy was truly a renaissance man who made an impact on many lives. link

From left to right. Tammy, Chris, David
March 5th-
I wanted to throw up another picture. Look past the dirty kid and puppy being tortured and you will see the second original artwork we received from Uncle Gus. This piece however mysteriously went missing years ago. Such a shame. You grow up staring at something throughout childhood and then its gone. Erick, do you even remember this? It might have been gone before you were born.

Number 16- Chris



The package arrived! We were very excited. (my expression does not do my excitement justice) Bianca picked me up from work, package in hand ,and we actually opened it in the car, too excited to wait until we got home. It's awesome! Thanks!





It's in fairly good shape considering. We're on the lookout for a vintage frame as we'll be hitting up thrift stores. It's not exactly a standard size so it could be a challenge. Our goal is to get it framed and put it up in time for an upcoming photoshoot of our place that is going to be featured on a popular blog -- (Showcasing Bianca's business) The ultimate goal being to make several posters (thinking silkscreen) for family members. We'll keep you updated! Thanks again!

--No, I have no memory of the one you just posted. I do remember the "pool player." But only because you've been lugging it around for so long. It would be nice if we could contact Debbie and send out a mass email and track down more paintings. *After the funeral, Gus' wife, Debbie, invited family members, students, and friends to come to the home and have a piece of his work.

"That old car might be worth money" (Old Commercials)

There have been a lot of old time Chicago commercials that have been permanently seared into our brains.  At or near the top of the list would have to be the Victory Auto Wreckers bit that was played constantly on WGN. It's an endearing classic  It still airs to this day having delighted audiences for over 25+ years. The hippy looking guy, the falling door, his huge leather wristwatch, the 60 bucks, old ass cars in junk yard....its all gravy.  There have been some changes and different voice-overs throughout the years.The hippy guy's name is Bob. I found him on Facebook.

This is the original May 25, 1985.  Notice the 312 area code. 7 acres of used parts.  The original says "That old car IS worth money..." Later version says "That old car MIGHT be worth money..."

630 area code and 10 acres of used parts. Different wording.

 I will be adding more.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I found a stick in the shape of a USB symbol. What does it all mean?



This is obviously a sign. The USB symbol must be the new and improved mark of the Beast. It all started like 35 years ago with the bar code whereby Satan was able to break down the door to the digital world with His favorite number 666. Now He is getting into all our favorite plug n play devices. My Kindle and even my E-cig can charge up through a USB port. ZOMG!

Satan attention whoring "Look at me, look at me, I'm everywhere!"

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

Hey Erick, I saw this and wanted to send it your way.  I don't know if you would be interested in something like this but it sure seems like a cool gig.  I bet the new owners are looking for some kind of new energy to bring to Wrigley.  And the free tickets for family members would be awesome!

Hey, if anything, we would like to see your audition video!  We can put it up on the blog.



Oh's hell yeah I'm submitting and I'm gonna get this job if its the last thing I do. I'm the perfect fit. I don't see any other option. It's either me or Bobby Woo Woo. And I will kill him if I have to. Man, I need a computer to edit this video with, gosh darn it. Ya know what, screw editing , I'll do this shit acapella like eminem in 8 mile. Roll tape fools I'm bout to talk baseball aaaaand shit! "So, uh, there's the first basemen up to bat. He looks confident. He is in his 20's. Hobbies. Baseball. Favorite team. The Cubs." That's all I got so far. I'll post once I work on the logistics, studio, helicopter, supporting cast,etc. Stay tuned Cubs fans.


Hurry! All hell breaking loose now. They need you to go in and lighten things up over there. 

Cubs players kill each other in dugout!



I don't think I'll have time to make a video. I've been busy and besides, living out in LA kills any chance to win. But hey, I sent the ad to Uncle Chuck and he sent me his audition video. Just got around to editing it and putting it up on Youtube for him to submit. Ha, he insisted on keeping his two caveats. He wanted to be upfront and let them know what they were getting. (I had to clean up the background) Not sure if he has a chance in hell but at least its good to see some motivation from him since the divorce.


I can't believe you got Uncle Chuck to send in a video. Surprisingly, I think it was a great audition, but to be fair, I haven't seen the other competing submissions.  He comes off like a real down to earth genuine guy.  A guy who clearly has a love for the Cubs and put that love above everything else including personal romantic relationships.  This is someone you'd want to go grab a beer with after the game. Sure he might drink too many Budweiser's and you'd end up cracking the windows and tucking him in as he goes to sleep in his car. But you would do it for the voice. A soothing voice that could comfort dejected fans throughout the losing season, even make you forget that it really has been over 100 years.  And what a beautifully groomed mustache. I think Chuck's chances are pretty good here.  I just hope Cub's owners realize this is what the fans really want and desperately need. Yeah, he has some nasty medical issues but maybe that could become part of his charm. "Now batting for the Chicago Cubs, Alfonso Soriano. The guy stuck out three times already and I swear, he is making my booth smell like sunshine and roses"

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