Sunday, March 13, 2011

green river

The downtown Saint Patty parade took place today and it marked Daley's last appearance as mayor.  I didn't go this year and sadly the infamous Southside parade that was canceled a few years ago was not resurrected.  I just wanted to throw up a video I made of the downtown parade back in 07.  This video was one of my first attempts at editing. I used a 60 dollar editing program called AVS. I hadn't planned on making a video but thought I could do something with all the footage from two different cameras (you will notice this when andrea takes a pic of lady next to bike). I combined still-shots with video and found copyright-free music online. The result is something that is a little more entertaining than a still-shot slide show or 2 hour home video that never ends. I had a lot of fun making it.


  1. Awesome video! I felt like I was there. I miss the South Side Irish Day Parade. My last memories of going there are a little 'fuzzy.' Why did they shut it down????
    But, yeah, I never went to the one downtown before. The one thing I don't miss about Chicago were the drunk meatheads as shown on the train.

  2. you answered your own question. it was getting out of control with the public intoxication. the parade started out as a family-oriented event and escalated into the young n dumb getting too carried away. we went to the final official south side parade and I had grandma litto with me(yeah we lost everyone) and the profanity was embarrassing

  3. just to clarify, grandma wasn't the one doing the cussin


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