Friday, November 5, 2010

Satan, say please...

me and Bianca, (that's right, eat it grammar) had a busy month of October as we spent almost every weeknight and weekend scrambling to finish our Day of the Dead altar at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. (more photos of our Golden Girl tribute soon to come)


the next day, Halloween, we were exhausted from 17 + hours spent at a cemetery, (I must have peed out at least two gallons worth of ghosts -- you'd be surprised at all the orifices they try and enter) and just wanted to stay home and relax, hand out candy and maybe carve a pumpkin. keeping it low key we invited a few 'day of the dead crew' also known as Glitter Pockets over for a relaxed Halloween chock full of horror movies. but not to disappoint me and bianca quickly transformed into Blossom and Punky Brewster. you're welcome, Satan.



  1. awesome job on the 17 hours in a cemetery....I'll have to be dead before I can break that record

    this is really a great picture
    I love the contrast between sweet, adorable, innocent punky brewster with the unkempt, possibly drunk, definitely loose, blossom

  2. Death looks sooo colorful, I look forward to it!!
    Nice job. Also, is that the European version of Blossom?

  3. "Just one shot ,blossom, and you can go. It's 2 doors down on your left, ok, say cheese........"


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