Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bears, Villains, and Dog Food

Ok, lets get this started...Prediction: Dolphins 24 Bears 10...even our 3rd string QB will be better than Cutler...any Bears fan disagrees? Just know its always better to put $$ behind ur words...

Meet Kellen Love:

Dolphin Fan, Miami native, Snazzy dresser,(revolving closet of tux's), a smile worthy of giving you a sun tan, Bears hater and yes my arch nemesis when it comes to NFL football. Kellen likes to play the villain, as he seemingly enjoys this more than life itself.


The above post was left by Kellen just yesterday on his Facebook page. I of course took this as a personal attack. Can I possibly let Kellen get away with such a aggressively confident taunt directed at Bears fans? Am I not a man? Do I not love and respect my city and team? After talking myself out of selling my car and possessions and putting it all on the line, I came to my senses and realized that total and complete humiliation was a better option.

I posted this counter challenge to Kellen:

put your dog food where your mouth is - I'll take that bet - loser eats dog food on video ? Go Bears!

I am still waiting for Kellen's reply. It's been over 15 hours. Sounds like he is not as confident as he previously let on. I'm taking this bet for all Bears fans, as I do have confidence in a Bears win, but most importantly I want to see my favorite villain eat dog food.

Bet accepted as a cautious Kellen agreed to eating a small can of dog food, on video, in less than 3 minutes, having to post video on Facebook in less than a week. Go Bears!


  1. Miami shut out at home for the first time in 40 years! Bears are now 7-3!

    It just wasn't a good day for seafood lovers.

    And now a well-dressed man with tuna breath must eat dog food. This will be epic. I hope kellen graciously accepts defeat and proves he is a man of his word. What is a man without his word? Well some would call him a cowardly, toilet seat-licking, asshat.

    Don't let us down kellen!

  2. 2 wins, 1 week..........BEARS!!

  3. I think it was a good day for seafood lovers, it was the Bears that ate the dolphins! So, Chicago fans are the ones walkin around with tuna breath-Fish is gooooooodd!!

  4. I'm not into that there tuna
    Ooooh that smell
    Cant you smell that smell

  5. poor kellen. he should really be more careful when agreeing to bets with you.
    you scare me a little sometimes.

  6. I hope this video will be devoid of trickery ie..switching labels or other such nonsense

    be a man kellen, woof that stuff down!


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