Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did you see that bush on Oprah?

not oprah

No, I'm not talking about some secret nude photos of a hairy Oprah from the late 70's, but an interview she had with George W. Bush.  I thought it was a great interview, an eye opener on some of the issues.  I don't hold any animosity toward the guy and I wish him well.

I can say this as a democrat because I'm not a partisan hack.  I see problems on both sides of the aisle.  One day it may be a republican that irritates me and the next- a democrat.  There is no shortage of foolishness in Washington, and it was a foolish law that caught my attention today. 

It was part of the March health-care reform and it will require all vendors to put up individual signs in close proximity of all items in a vending machine informing customers the caloric values of each item.  The FDA estimates that it will require 14 million hours a year to implement these changes. Is this really worth the cost, time, and effort? Is this fair? Will this hurt jobs?  Doesn't the general public already know that cookies, chips, soda and candy bars are bad for them?  When people are hungry they are not thinking about health risk- they need a carbo fix and a sign ain't gonna do shit. It's just common sense.

Instead of a sign, how about a mirror or a talking scale
you must step on to get the goodies  
"sorry you are too fat - access denied"

I know many people would love to see the junk food peddlers suffer, but I would rather see people become educated about healthy eating.  Then maybe they won't even approach a vending machine.  The lost profits would then be due to less demand and not because of unfair regulations. 
I understand the rationale behind the law, it has good intentions, but I think it crosses the line and would be ineffective anyways.

I realize I totally sound like a republican here.  It's just a once-in-awhile thing. I promise


  1. well, since you dared me...i agree (not about bush, though...i have a lot of anger)

  2. yes I did triple dog dare ya. I can understand the lingering anger people have of the Bush administration, but at some point you gotta get yourself in a quiet place, light up some incense and candles and let it all go. Are people still pissed off at Nixon? Not too much, people moved on. Ok, it helps that he is dead but you see what I'm getting at. Besides,we all need to save our energy to rage on the tea partiers


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