Saturday, October 16, 2010

what is a seahawk anyways?

                                  4-1                                                                                                                                         2-2

thanks to some cool nature site- a seahawk is one of several nicknames given to an Osprey - an awesome bird of prey.
now we understand our adversary better.  those pesky seahawks are coming into bear territory tomorrow in an attempt to hand us our second loss of the season.  not gonna happen. these birds although more adept at catching fish and doing some cool-ass fly bys,  they can't match the brute power of a bear nor it's appetite for destruction.  Cutler has been cleared by the brain doctor to play this week and with the momentum of last weeks play and some changes on the Oline we are gonna swat them outta the sky with the ease of a kanye west muttering something stupid. Ok, maybe not that easy.

No score prediction as I have not studied the matchups. 
Bears win! somehow


  1. i wasn't around the computer in time to do my pick. i would have said the bears would blow them out. 33 to 10 or something. eh. i don't know about this play calling. post to follow.

  2. well thankfully the packers lost their game- so we are still in first

    I'm getting nervous. I'm really hoping they figure this shit out

  3. The mighty bears couldn't even pluck a feather!!
    Just keep your ears open, for you shall hear the horn of a Viking!!!


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