Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Twighlight for dudes

did you know Virginia McCasky is 338 years old?

sorry to trump your photo in size Chris, but Virginia can not be tamed by dimensions of space nor time. You know Chris, not a bad idea to hang outside Hallas Hall and get this ladies digits, you could be her trophy husband. She'd probably let you play a few downs in blowouts.

i wanted to photoshop in a scared baby that Virginia was about to bite into but my free "not photoshop" program Seahorse crashed. expect more terrible looking not photoshop quality work.


  1. ok that ^^^^^^ would have turned the giants defensive linemen into impotent lilliputian bobble-heads

    the thought of vampiress virginia seeking my main vein and casting me into immortality to forever partake of its bounty is a little unsettling to say the least

  2. Goddam you guys are witty! LOL


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