Monday, October 4, 2010

About me, Erick

Yo Big Bro,

Thought we should do an about us post. So this is me! Erick Pausz.
Originally from Evergreen Park, IL, a south suburb of Chicago where I was born into a wacky family of five kids, myself being the youngest and scrawniest mostly to do with my big brother, Chris (co-blogger) eating the majority of the food in the house. I went to Columbia College of Chicago and studied film/screenwriting. I left for Los Angeles, California six years ago and have been hustling to become a tv/film writer ever since. I live in a little art community on the east side with my awesome girlfriend Bianca, of almost five years (next month) check out her blog Squirrel Hobbies and our two cat children, Nimbi and Looey. I miss my Chicago family and wish I could see them more. Hopefully this blog will bridge the distance between us.

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