Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jared Allen challenges investigators to try and find his victims bodies. Jared Allen says, “You just can’t. I hid them too good.”

In what was supposed to be a joyous event when Serena Williams came to support the adoption of rescue animals, ended with the tragic death of three puppies. Sources say she has a big heart along with incredibly strong hands.


  1. my first concern was how will this affect her life-long dream of becoming a pedicurist? this isn't a joke- she painted Oprah's toenails-
    she plans to open salons nationwide but I fear this accidental puppy mangling may prove to be a stain- like toe fungus- on her nail empire

  2. not familiar with jared allen

    however, I strenuously object to serial killing

  3. Look him up - he's a defensive end for the Vikings. He likens hunting animals and humans for sport.

  4. ...well then can we sign him to the Bears O-Line STAT, before Cutler's brains turn to scrambled eggs and sausage?

  5. greg i really don't think the NFL is ready for a black, female quarterback no matter how strong those hands are


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