Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I like your Governator

I'm a fan of your governor. Not only was your governor the best body builder of all time but a major hollywood action star with ground breaking comedic roles in films such as 'twins' and 'kindergarten cop'. What has this guy not accomplished??? 
What do we get?  Sure we had the possibly insane clown-shoes Blago and his equally insane hair-do- which put him in the national spotlight for a long time; that was a lot of fun!  But now things have died down and there is an upcoming re-trial and it's just all a bad after-taste. I don't know if blago will be going to jail but if he doesn't it would not be in-keeping with the traditions of the Governor's office-for our past Illinois Governors are either serving time or soon to be in prison.  Incarceration happens so frequently that the prison system has just dedicated the new Governor's Wing to accomodate all our future govenors.  In fact, as written in law, before a governor takes the oath of office he/she is now required to take a tour of the facilities and try out the new mattresses. This also gives an opportunity for a meet-and-greet with their future warden and prison guards. 

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