Saturday, October 23, 2010

favorite horror movie

As satan's day is coming up I thought I'd highlight a movie near and dear to my black heart. John Carpenters' 1978 Halloween is by far my favorite horror flick.  I don't know how old I was when I first saw it on tv, but it is very possible it was in 1980 when NBC had the rights to air it, albeit with additional footage to make up for the stuff that was censored.  I do remember being scared ***tless for this movie had it all, freaky music, awesome plot, evil-as-hell-villain, and great use of 'false startle' techniques. This movie never gets old with me, and I try to see it every year around the time of halloween.  Halloween just isn't halloween without some good ol fashion evil.


was this not one of the best horror scenes of all time
-good luck today trying to poke an eye with a plastic hanger-


look real close at this man's face


  1. Because he drowned his wife in a pool?

  2. no hankie,
    the film had such a low budget and couldn't afford a custom mask for the micheal meyers character, so they went out and bought a $1.98 Captain Kirk mask and modified it

  3. ah, for some reason I thought they asked Shatner to make a mold of his face.


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