Monday, October 4, 2010


This is going to be awkward but it must be told..Erick
only speaks with me because he thinks we share DNA. He is
actually the illegitimate son of a Belushi. It all goes
back to a very cold snowy day in February of 1979. My dad
was hanging at Mount Greenwood restaurant drinking a lot
of coffee and the 4 of us kids were all huddled over the
only space heater in our 400 square foot palace. My mom
took this opportunity to get out of the cold house n kids
to attend an Albanian festival (my Grandfather Litto was
friends with the elder Belushi) John and Jim being of
Albanian stock of course could not pass up on all the
delicious food and fun.  John was the established star and
was still gloating over his success with Animal House. 
Jim feeling somewhat the underacheiver decided he was
gonna be a Casanova this night..(I found this all out as
my mom let the cat out of the bag after she had a spoon of
cough syrup - yep thats all it took)  Anyways Jim and my
ma caught a glimpse of each other over a dish of pickled
cabbage and the rest is history.

Oh I'm just kidding!! mom is a Saint and wouldn't dare
carouse with those hippy hollywood types and erick you are
my brother

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