Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'Cigar Guy' coming soon to a theater near you

this awesome photograph of all those people intently staring straight ahead would have been perfect! if it wasn't for that white blobby apparition- I'm guessing it is glare of some kind and I'm sure a good photoshopper could take it out- @ camera man....get a better lens you amatuer goof


  1. As I see it, there are 4 main characters-
    Tiger and Touchdown in the middle and Cigar Guy and Concerned Man at the sides

  2. I see it as a fifth main character, a now deceased photographer with a shattered skull from a golf ball, who had to get the perfect shot. Moment of silence please...........

  3. he was so fortunate that the golf ball hit the camera first. the photographer lived and walked away under the glaring eye of tiger woods. tiger was pissed off, not only because it threw his game off, but because he needs to win all the money so he can pay for all that alimony


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