Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fed up mom turns flooded basement into a pool

A local Evergreen Park mom, tired of routinely having to empty out her basement due to flooding, has decided to reverse the tide and turn what was a back-breaking ordeal into something unique. She traded a sump pump and shop vac for a pool filter and buckets of chlorine. "No one in this neighborhood has their own indoor pool", says a beeming Vicky Pausz.  Looking around the basement I notice just how she retrofitted the basement to make the pool a reality.  All electrical outlets were placed on the ceiling and a tank-less water heater system was installed . "Those outlets are all GFCI's that I installed-they will trip the circuit if wet-so I'm pretty safe- but I do have to watch my splashing" muses the E.P. native of 36 years.  So this is ok with the code office? I asked with trepidation.  "Oh sure! says Vicky, as she does brest-stroke laps around the perimeter of her foundation walls- "I just think the city is glad that I stopped complaining about my flooded basement."  Well, there you have it readers- one woman's determined vision - that I must say, challenges us all to 'think outside the box'


  1. Hey, I know that lady! I have fond memories of our basement flooding. I remember coming home to visit once and finding all my baseball cards ruined. It turns out she stacked all of her stuff, years of tupperware and old shoes, on top of my boxes of memorabilia. Oh, Vicky, well played.

  2. yeah that's too bad

    I had all my 1979 baseball cards safely in the attic of the 'first' house and somehow ma found them and threw them away. I'm not angry because I hear so many similar stories and I just realize this is something mothers do- one shouldn't try to comphrehend stuff like this; it's easier to make sense of string theory

  3. Keep digging Chris, I find it hard to believe your mom threw anything away. Think of it as a treasure hunt......hey, wait, lightbulb.....

  4. she tends to save a lot of stuff but not my baseball cards...they are long gone
    sniff sniff

    David and I got them from Monoco Drug store (now CVS)

    and we didn't pay for them so I really can't complain about it

  5. so that's why Monoco Drug is gone, you hoodlum bastard's!!!!!!!!!

  6. That was unbelievable! Well, I think it is an ingenious way to solve basement flooding! May I ask, how did your mother do it? It is hard to imagine how house owners will do it nowadays. But I guess the best solution now is to fix the leak and restore the water damaged place.

  7. Salute to Mrs. Pausz! I was really amazed with what she did. :D It was still a positive response, at the very least. Some homeowners simply lock up their basement to escape the restoration and occasional cleaning up after every storm.


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