Thursday, October 7, 2010

It was sad to see Jake Delhomme exit from Carolina, but a developing story explains it had nothing to do with his play on the field and more to do with his exotic diet. Jake and his wife own a small organic market in a neighboring town of Carolina, and Jake eats nothing but raw food causing his farts to be intolerable.


  1. I hesitate to mention this story.
    back in mid 90's a was taking a training supplement 'creatin momohydrate' - the creatin products of today are much much better than what I was using then-

    anyways, I guess I wasn't drinking enough water and when at work and up at the register, I couldn't hold in the repeated and relentless gas attacks, and what came out was soo foul, disturbing and unnatural- it was really bad- My manager came up to the counter for something and was immediately thrusted in convulsions and said loudly for everyone to hear, "man did you shit in your pants?" I was mortified and I stopped taking the stuff

    so I can understand what the panther players went through. good luck jake

  2. I still remember the college days when you used to torture me and Phil with your inhuman noxious farts...and would blow it our way with the aid of a well-placed fan under yer ass....
    You sick f*ck! LOL

  3. Now there is no way in hell I could ever run for public office. that is more damning then christine o' donnell and her love for witchcraft, or is it masturbation? So here is my confession. Yes I was a childish asshole who regularly displayed acts of douche- baggery, but I changed...I saw the light..I learned to respect my fellow man

    In my defense:
    I was a teenager
    I had a kick-ass fan begging to exploit its power
    I had a full bag of hard shell peanuts

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry


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