Sunday, October 10, 2010

My favorite picture- not a good copy, I will have to find original photo

We are just back from the Southside Irish parade. Back in these days the parade was still in it's infancy. Fast -foward over 25 years later and the Southside parade has grown considerably to the biggest St. Patricts parade outside Dublin.  Unfortunately, due to the increasing rowdiness and bad behavior, the parade was cancelled in 2009.


  1. we have the original at our house. framed and greeting our fellow guests. speaking of which. when are you visiting mr. chris? we miss you.

  2. cool, but I have to say I would normally greet guests in person at the door.

    LA would be cool. I'd like to come in-between earthquakes and forest fires if that's possible

    don't get all mushy on me. you know I have to uphold this cold hardened exterior

    aww hell...miss u guys too


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