Tuesday, October 26, 2010

honored guest

 A Guest Post by Mr. Art N. Craft,

Yeah , I know, a plain ol jack-o-lantern.  Look, I'm not interested in carving out some over-the-top fancy-schmancy design like that of pop stars or cute animals. Not for me. People are even using motorized tools like a Dremel.  Unbelievable I tell ya, Everything nowadays is the easy way. I will stick with my trusty ginsu knife I picked up at my neighbor's estate sale- still pretty sharp...considering billy bob's hard head.

The world is just moving too damn fast and everybody is - change, change, we gotta change.  Well screw that! and screw them got damn liberals! There used to be a time when we had values in this country. We are frickin letting the homo's and muslims take over our country and if this continues, there aint gonna be no more white christian babies. Kids used to be able to pray in school, but now they be handing out condoms to 3rd graders and teaching them that sex ed- sounds like they be showing porno movies or something.  Don't get me started on science and their false theories of evilution- I mean cmon, I don't see any monkeys turning into humans. And duh, everybody knows the earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaur fossils were put there by God to test our faith.

I don't agree with all these changes in the world,...but at least let me carve a proper got damn pumpkin.
Oh and another thing- don't be knockin on my door for candy you  free-loaders.  Go buy it like everybody else.

Happy Halloween,

*** The views and opinions expressed herein are those of 'guest' blogger and do not necessarily reflect the views of CIWIS or its affiliates***


  1. Whoa dude, you said your post was going to be about halloween spirit and the fun you had carving your pumpkin. I was not expecting this emotional outburst.

    I had to rush into the post and put up a disclaimer.

    Please control yourself next time


  3. Hillrod,
    spoken like a true red-state mountain man......I hope your teeth didn't fall out when typing this

  4. youd betr watch yer self befour i box yer teef out, yankee basterd

  5. I apologize hilldoe, I don't want any part of your violent ways


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