Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween - big decisions

Halloween is fast approaching and I have yet to get my
evil going.  I need a mask. I wan't something really
frightening, y'know something that would scare the beard
off chuck norris.  That is a tall order, I know, but one
can only hope. So, I asked my long-time, true-blue, die-hard
followers to send me some examples. I must now choose.

This is not that scary.  What's more scary is the thought of all the food that would
be lodged in between those teeth..ugh

aliens are not scary.  but I'll say this, If aliens landed, I would have the fear.  I'd fear that they are so  smart they would sense mankind's overwhelming stupidity and leave 5 minutes after they land

                                                  oh please,  how long before someone would ask me for a joint


                                                          how is this scary? you can find people that look like this in walmart

                              kinda scary but, I'm liable to get smacked on the left side of my head for shits n giggles, no thanks

                                                                   We have a winner!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1111!!!11!11!1


                                  WTF IS THIS SHIT???                          WHOA



  This is disturbing! This is pure evil! I want it!              

                     Does this come in a mask??
               I don't know if I want ghoulish preacher or horse-face woman   


  1. when is the last time you seriously dressed up? what were you?

  2. maybe 2004 - Dracula
    I will try to find a picture

  3. and no comment on my social commentary of the phelps? what a guy gotta do around here....what a guy gotta do


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