Tuesday, October 5, 2010

that sweet blue water

So we were all strolling along and I saw this massive display of porta-potties looming in the distance and I told my uncle Leroy we should all take a picture there along side of them. After my suggestion I thought to myself "oh that was a silly idea and maybe even a little tasteless" but as we got closer, lo and behold, the trumpets were sounded and the Litto clan happily descended on these not-so hallowed grounds. Can you just imagine what strangers who were using the facilities must have thought? Here they are, in a the big city but in a mostly deserted area of the park enjoying their solitude and privacy and in mid-act they hear over the thin plastic walls the rumble and noise of a fast approaching crowd. We may have frayed nerves or upset someone's regularity that day but it was a fun experience.


  1. I love this photo. Wish I was there! If you posted this you have to then post the photo of the girl reading in front of the museum. Classics!

  2. I don't have that particular photo and not sure who has it......someone on facebook

  3. Andrea,of coarse, has "THE PHOTO"

  4. ahh andrea has it but, can she find it amongst the 3.2 million photos she has?.... gotta be like like finding a gherkin in a haystack


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