Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great post. I wasn't aware of your rejection to my first few years as an earthling. I don't remember anything from that age. I do however remember years later, you being left alone to babysit me and you turning off the power from the outside (at night) and then going around the house rattling the windows and moving the doorknobs. Other times I would wake up to the most nasty gaseous smell that would make a horse vomit and realizing I was stuck inside a blanket designed for you to test out how effective your farts were after you had eaten an entire box of Cheerios. You definitely had some built up resentment towards my adorableness.

As for the house I only have good memories. But that happens with age. At the time I would get teased at school as kids would say it was the neighbors garage on account of how small it was, we were the kids most of the parents didn't want their kids talking to, and we never had anything new. At least I didn't.

But, you're right. We were forced to go outside of our little house; across the street to watch MTV at the Bower's, the Welcome's had a basketball court in their driveway, (and I learned valuable wily skills to get Steve to make us both bologna sandwiches, chips, and soda - a luxury in our house), and while we had the smallest house in EP that meant we had the biggest backyard. We would have boxing matches, (boxing gloves we had for some reason) the fort you made, (with hidden Playboys), and I remember once we froze our entire backyard and made it into an ice rink. (Did that really happen or am I just imagining it)

Either way, we always made the best of it. But, when we moved into that new house next door that was easily one of the happiest days of my life. I felt a little bit more normal. I felt we were finally closer to being equal. Looking back its funny because we were already living in a middle class neighborhood and to live how other families did at the time seemed like a monumentous climb. I never did get my own room in the new house until years later, but having a house that wouldn't be mistaken for the neighbors garage felt pretty darn good.


  1. yes we did turn part of the yard into an ice rink. you hit the nail on the squirrel, yes you made-do with with you had. I don't think our situation was unique as many people come from humble backgrounds but we were sorta out of place.
    Erick I like how you write, I hope you write more!

  2. a note on those shelves.....they were installed by aunt christine and her boyfriend jerry. the material was this hardboard that gave off a funny smell, enough to send you to the hospital with breathing problems. I could only guess it was the formaldehyde in the wood


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