Thursday, October 7, 2010

A season ticket holder of Chicago Bulls games throughout the 90's says the reason he is so fat is because the Bulls won too much. FatMan was at every game throughout the Bull's first 3-peat and says they scored well over 100 points almost every game, in effect showering the stadium with free tacos. In the decade that saw the Bulls repeatedly punishing their opponents, FatMan punished his body with tacos. His lawsuit is awaiting trial.

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  1. you know I really try hard to remain sympathetic to difficulties that plague some of our overzealous chicago sportsfans- but if this guy is truely baring a REAL tattoo at that size then..I'm at a loss for words

    anyway, to the over-intoxication of tacos. it's becoming an insidious trend in our society to play the victim and blame everyone but yourself. waaaaah wah waaaaah! fatman thanks for the circus show all those years but really, nobody put a gun to your head and made you eat thousands of tacos

    what's next? blaming mccdonald happy meals for making fatman's fatkids fatter??


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