Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Notable Evergreen Parkers

Erick you wanted a post about some fellow EP natives and I stumbled upon what could be a scandal of epic proportions.  I search for evergreen park and on the wikipedia page I find 'notable people'.  I found jenny mc carthy, george wendt and joey kovar.  since you had already wrote about the great joey I had to choose either jenny or george.  I was all excited to write about the great blonde playboy bunny jenny mac as she was near my age and also attended my alma mater SIUC at the same time I was down there. I even remember having the issue and that jenny had created a lot of buzz on campus.  Turns out, jenny, even though she was in our southside area, was NOT born in EP as is claimed on the wiki page.  Neither is george from 'cheers' fame.  As you know, wiki can be freely edited by the populace. Ok so what the hell is going on here?  Is EP so desperate for some semblance of fame that they will lie and misrepresent.  This is embarrassing. Was someone hired by the city to perpetrate this fraud?? I'm hoping one day we can put up a legitimate 'star' on the EP pages. .  We of course have a few noteable sports stars but i was hoping to get a hollywood star and as of now, we just got joey.

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