Tuesday, October 19, 2010

last halloween costume

Erick Pausz said...
when is the last time you seriously dressed up? what were you?


  1. after zooming in on the books on the wall I have concluded that this must be Oct 2001- therefore it's not the last costume. that would be an orange jumpsuit jail uniform I wore at a fun halloween party I think 2003

  2. *confide in concerning personal matters - can you be any more vague

  3. spill the beans! what's the deets? did you kill her boyfriend for personal gain? did she learn about your secret nipple? the one on your chest symmetrical with your left nipple; which you refer to as secret nipple ever since it predicted the first Bulls three peat by sprouting three hairs in shape of a crown. did you tell her about the time you dressed as bruce springstein? the suspense builds.

  4. ha! I didn't see this last comment. I already posted something new, unfortunately not as thrilling as a third nipple

    lemme guess, did you get the third nipple thought from Chandler from Friends??

  5. third nipples are sooo 90's. I'm talking about your regular second nipple, which would be your right nipple that you refer to as your secret nipple.

  6. oh wow I totally misread that...the mention of a 3-peat and 3 hairs threw me off

    nostranipple no longer makes predictions


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