Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm a vaper now!

Although it sounds tempting and a lot of fun, I'm not sinking my fangs in the necks of innocent unsuspecting victims for their life sustaining juices.

Oh? What are you talking about? You one of them pussies??

Calm down dead shirley.  Vaping is the term used to differentiate from those who 'smoke'.  Instead of inhaling harmful tobacco smoke, one is inhaling much safer vapors from an e-cigarette.  It mimics the act of smoking- the repetitive hand-to-mouth action, the nicotine fix, and of course the the throat hit and beautiful cloud of smoke.  It's basically a nicotine delivery device, like the patch or nicotine gum but much more satisfying.  All this without the offensive odors, coughing up half a lung, and the perceived loser status.  The e-juice is available in a wide array of flavors and varying levels of nicotine strength. You can gradually reduced your nic levels to zero. An e-cig is a marvelous product that will change lives- I highly recommend it.  You will also realize substantial money savings!  No wonder the tobacco companies are all nervous and appealing the FDA to have it banned- this cuts into their profits. Below is a video from doctor vapor, yes a doctor, who quit his 30 year smoking habit and now recommends vaping to all his patients.

 Ladies and Gentleman, The President of the United States.

during the rancorous health care debates

Barack needs to get on this shit!  He could set a great example.  Not many jobs are as stressful as his- so if he can do it, many will follow.  I hope you're reading this blog Mr. President.  I hope you pick up an e-cig.  You will improve your cardio-your b-ball game will get better.  You could vape anywhere in the white house, especially during those important but very boring meetings.  You will not make hasty decisions because you're all panicky to go out and light up.  FFS bro, do this for America.
They got all kinds of different flavors.  Vape a cappuccino in the morn, maybe green apple mid-day, brandy in the eve, and a nuhport or winsome after some long demanding sex.

no it doesn't look exactly like a cigarette. deal with it!

As I type, I'm vaping on my joye eGo pv (personal vaporizer) that I received yesterday from an online order.
This is a top-of-the-line product.  I spent 2 days researching the best pv's on the market and I feel I made the correct choice.
I went bowling with 10 family members last night and  I was the overall 3 game champ*.  Keep in mind, I'm a crappy bowler- I really don't know what I'm doing.  I attribute my unexpected success to my  vaping.  Had I been worried about sneaking a smoke in between my turns, my concentration would have been messed up.  Are you even allowed to go outside with rented shoes? Instead, I discreetly vaped and kept calm, resulting in a one-man pin wrecking operation.
But enough about my glorious win.  I was showing everyone my e-cig and letting them try it.  My nephew was flat out amazed and said he was going to buy it.  He said he was misled about e-cigs as he tried one in the mall that was basically e-crap.  My goal is to get everyone off cigarettes.

strike down that nasty habit!

In the future, there will be 2 possible conversations with smokers.  It'll go something like this

Me-       Hey have you heard or tried an e-cigarette?
smoker- No man, what is that?
Me-       Oh wow, let me tell you all about it


Me-       Hey have you heard or tried an e-cigarette?
smoker- yeah, I don't think it's for me
Me-       Oh wow, you're a fcuking idiot. good luck on your future chemo treatments

*some controversy about my wins.  on paper I had the highest scores.  I'm sorry if others messed up and bowled strikes on my name. too bad, pay attention next time

Feb 13th Vaping to the Grammy Awards on the NSide
I convinced JAsh to order a kit

Feb 22- Drug shipment of crack pipes came in today

Today the 3 joye ego kits I ordered arrived in the mail.  I charged all the batteries and vaped each one to ensure they were in working order (yes I got a lil woozy) David came and got his kit and I went over the instructions with him.  I really  hope this is something he can stick with.  Erick if you get a chance, give a call to encourage him. thanks

Get your eGo here

Get your juice here



  1. *********3 day update*********

    Loving mah PV. This thing is awesome! I'm spreading the good word and looking for converts. I'm like the Billy Graham of vaping right now.

  2. Awesome, congrats on quitting tobacco! Is mom vaping?

  3. I gave her a pv as two came in a kit. I hope she gives it a shot. I will have to set the example as well as become the supplier. I will probably buy David a kit-he said it was just like smoking. As I mentioned in blog, Matthew liked it. Kelly, however looked at it funny. I got Tammy to try it but really didn't get much of a reaction beyond "oh ok" I spoke to dad and J-Ash about it. I'm telling people to get off analogs and onto e-cigs before big brother bans it or taxes the shit out of it. Sin taxes are huge revenue sources for government and we all know the FDA works for Big Pharma.

  4. Chris first I’d like to say congratulations on your choice to pick up a pv. This is a great page by the way, like you I have done a ton of research on the E-cig just received my Riva 510 and love it. What amazed me most was today I handed one to my dad and showed him how to work it, long story short he has started using the pv. Quite a proud moment for me, I may get a few more years with my dad. Keep up the great work informing everyone that you can, saving one life at a time. DocDave from the ECF

  5. hey thanks docdave. ECF (e-cig forums) site is great- I plan on doing a lot of reading over there. I spoke to my dad on the phone and he was telling me about an e-cig he saw on tv. I said nooooooooo, let me find you a good quality one. I heard there were a lot of bad models out there. To me this is a miracle product. How on earth is this not being hailed as an incredible life saving tool in all the media??

  6. *******4 day update*******

    still vaping. had to recharge the battery for the first time- yes damn long lasting batteries

    tried an analog for testing purposes. took 3 drags- was disgusted. vaping is so much better

    snow and wind is craaaaazy! wow, can't remember seeing anything like this before

  7. ******14 day update******

    Ordered some e-juice at lower nic levels
    Going from 28 ml to 11ml strength
    still going strong, actually it all has been very easy! jogged on treadmill for 4.5 miles yesterday....feels good

  8. ******Valentines Day****

    JAsh ordered his joye ego today
    flavors include red/white and black tea

  9. "I'm gonna embarrass you"
    I wonder if you will get this reference

  10. HA! You remember. I forget what the game was called though

  11. Mike Tyson's "Punch Out"

  12. This is really nice and interesting post on smoking.. I really like reading it.. I have come to know about the e-cigarettes.. I have never heard about before.. Till now I was using glass and wooden pipes for smoking..

  13. Wow! Congrats on quitting smoking, Chris. Haha! Everyone should really try vapes now as it has greater pros than traditional cigs.

    "Me- Hey have you heard or tried an e-cigarette?
    smoker- yeah, I don't think it's for me
    Me- Oh wow, you're a @#*!^ idiot. good luck on your future chemo treatments
    " LOL! Guess we'll just have to see if this will actually happen in the future.

  14. Oh yeah,Chris, I forget, did I Congratulate you on your quitting smoking???? That vaping gadget must really work!!

  15. Heh, good for ya! It's like you've joined Darth Vaper and joined the vaping side of the force. Hehe, seriously, it's good that you're enthusiastic about switching your smoking habit into something less harmful.

  16. Yeah, congrats on the commitment and dedication Chris. Hey, by the way, what is this years resolution???

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