Saturday, January 22, 2011

reading the script

So far I'm liking it!  I'm at the beginning and will say the plot grabbed me right away and I'm liking the humor.

Will edit this post as I read more of the script


So I just finished the script- even passed up SNL to finish.  I liked the characters and I thought you had a lot of funny dialogue in there.  It was an entertaining ride!


  1. cool. are you reading a page a day? I'm doing rewrites for this new script but I haven't been at all productive because all I can think of is Bears. Bears. Bears. It's a problem.

  2. HA!, no just haven't tried reading until today

    the bears must not consume you. you must consume the bear

  3. Where the hell has that thumb been????

  4. well hank, it's a green thumb. erick's script is titled 'greeners' and I gave it a thumbs up


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