Sunday, February 20, 2011

I will sing again

I know I haven't been contributing to the blog as much.  I will get back to it soon.  In the meantime, enjoy some of my proposed tweets.  No, I don't have a twitter account yet but I think it would be a good idea to tap into the demographic of those with short attention spans or those who simply dislike reading too much. Twitter with their 140 character limit is perfect!

"I love string cheese!"

"The NFL is socialism"

"If you ever had to resort to cannibalism to survive, you better hope your friends are Americans!"

"I'd like to try a bacon flavored coffee!"

Maybe these didn't knock your socks off. I thought they were pretty good. If you feel you don't have the tweeting magic, you can always resort to a famous quotation.  People eat those up.


Whoa, killer tweets, Chris! You need to get on that and rope us in some viewers that way! Hot damn! I want to know more about why the NFL is socialism but I don't care enough to read another sentence on the subject.

So, in reply -- Yes, I sold out to Facebook. We were going strong for months without any need for viewers but I took it upon myself to do so in an act of desperation as I was worried that you needed some audience. You weren't posting. Your morale was low. You grew weak without any fanfare. I blame you, Chris. I blame you. And now our number one fan that was with us from the start, who's name will be kept a secret, is considering to never post a comment again. It's a sad day on this blog. Very sad. On the upside it boosted our regular audience of around 77 viewers a day to 135, and now settled in around the 100 mark. Was it worth it to sell the blog out, opening us up to possible family members and friends that can read our blog in secrecy. I dunno. I'm cool with it. Let's keep this random quote I found by googling, "quotes about being yourelf," in mind as we go forward -
He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. ~Raymond Hull
That's a tweet if I ever saw one! 


Well get ready to strap on a pair of Depends . Putting aside those clueless folks who cry 'socialism' at every turn, yes, the NFL is socialistic in their structure with all owners sharing the profits.  The result is parity within the league resulting in better competition, more fan enjoyment etc.  Contrast that with baseball where you can sometimes just buy yourself a world series.   Ok, enuff bout that.  Why did I even go there.

Damn that Mark Zuckerberg!  He's got to get his pausz into everything. 

    "Whoa, wait a millisecond guys. True I want ALL your info, but seriously, what the sheol were you thinking?"

I'm just messing with you. I understand why you made the assumptions that you did.  You thought more viewership would = motivation for increased blogginess. I was just not in the blogging mood as of late and had other things on my mind-For one thing, I'm quitting tobacco and it's a strange transition. Perhaps the increased carbon monoxide in the blood dulled my senses of outside distractions enough to focus better? Ok, maybe I can't blame it on that. Idk,  but I can assure you my blog apathy it's just a temporary thing.   Did you think we would duplicate our crazy first month?  That was a LOT of blogs. But hey, I'm not saying it won't go back to that!  The mind of Chris works in mysterious ways.  Whoa did I just refer to myself in the third person who is god-like?? Ok, regarding the audience.  The audience size does not determine my productivity level-.  I was never overly concerned with views. Sure, I thought it was exciting in the beginning to leave a link some place and get 300-400 unique hits a day.  But eventually you value interaction and comments over numbers and ultimately what I value over everything is simply the creative expression.  It's an outlet and a bonus is that you leave behind a window into who you are.  Pretty cool.  Lettuce be real. taking down the faux exterior, our public persona, can be quite liberating.  Self-actualization is a worthy goal.  It's also cool that sometimes you are forced to try and recollect things from the past and there is someone else there to help in filling in the details.  Everybody should do a blog.  I just try to make it somewhat entertaining.  Some blogs are just informational. I like reading Grandma L's blog (although it hasn't been updated since Thanksgiving).  Her blog is more like a family diary with a lot of emphasis on what she has eaten or what she will be cooking or what food someone is bringing over.  I'm usually raiding the fridge after reading her stuff.  Anyhoo, I'm rambling on and lost my focus again!
Back to your last point.  I'm fine with whoever/whomever/hoo-hoo reads the blog.  




I double, no no...I triple-dog dare you to leave a comment

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