Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real life Ron Burgundy

I randomly stumbled upon this website featuring Winnipeg TV personalities and found the mustachioed Jim Toth, who surely has banged his way to the top, and perfected the raised eye brow, which says, "yeah I did it...twice." Jim's skin a hotdog color orange radiates confidence not to mention third degree burns. Legend has it if you stare directly into his eyes he has been known to cause instant pregnancies and give many a straight man erections. I will attest to that just from looking at this gorgeous candid photo. And ladies, his balls are swimming with perfect DNA having come from the same gene pool as the almost as attractive actor, not quite as charming, Ryan Reynolds. He loves getting soaked in the rain, cuz he surely needs a reason to get out of all those wet restrictive suits. Jim, likens talking from a land line, because if he's not in the comfort of his home, talking to you by candle light and a burning fire holding a glass of chardonnay then what the fuck's the point. Stay classy, Jim.


  1. wow, this guy could have a second career as a john travolta impersonator. he doesn't rock the mustache like the almighty king tom selleck or even a geraldo or ron jeremy, but it will suffice to heat-up and moisten panties or tighty-whities on those very cold wintry nights

  2. so glad to see you guys are back in action. i was really missing you.


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