Tuesday, March 1, 2011

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

Hey Erick, I saw this and wanted to send it your way.  I don't know if you would be interested in something like this but it sure seems like a cool gig.  I bet the new owners are looking for some kind of new energy to bring to Wrigley.  And the free tickets for family members would be awesome!

Hey, if anything, we would like to see your audition video!  We can put it up on the blog.




Oh's hell yeah I'm submitting and I'm gonna get this job if its the last thing I do. I'm the perfect fit. I don't see any other option. It's either me or Bobby Woo Woo. And I will kill him if I have to. Man, I need a computer to edit this video with, gosh darn it. Ya know what, screw editing , I'll do this shit acapella like eminem in 8 mile. Roll tape fools I'm bout to talk baseball aaaaand shit! "So, uh, there's the first basemen up to bat. He looks confident. He is in his 20's. Hobbies. Baseball. Favorite team. The Cubs." That's all I got so far. I'll post once I work on the logistics, studio, helicopter, supporting cast,etc. Stay tuned Cubs fans.


Hurry! All hell breaking loose now. They need you to go in and lighten things up over there. 

Cubs players kill each other in dugout!



I don't think I'll have time to make a video. I've been busy and besides, living out in LA kills any chance to win. But hey, I sent the ad to Uncle Chuck and he sent me his audition video. Just got around to editing it and putting it up on Youtube for him to submit. Ha, he insisted on keeping his two caveats. He wanted to be upfront and let them know what they were getting. (I had to clean up the background) Not sure if he has a chance in hell but at least its good to see some motivation from him since the divorce.


I can't believe you got Uncle Chuck to send in a video. Surprisingly, I think it was a great audition, but to be fair, I haven't seen the other competing submissions.  He comes off like a real down to earth genuine guy.  A guy who clearly has a love for the Cubs and put that love above everything else including personal romantic relationships.  This is someone you'd want to go grab a beer with after the game. Sure he might drink too many Budweiser's and you'd end up cracking the windows and tucking him in as he goes to sleep in his car. But you would do it for the voice. A soothing voice that could comfort dejected fans throughout the losing season, even make you forget that it really has been over 100 years.  And what a beautifully groomed mustache. I think Chuck's chances are pretty good here.  I just hope Cub's owners realize this is what the fans really want and desperately need. Yeah, he has some nasty medical issues but maybe that could become part of his charm. "Now batting for the Chicago Cubs, Alfonso Soriano. The guy stuck out three times already and I swear, he is making my booth smell like sunshine and roses"


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