Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gus Pausz Artwork

Erick, I got your message that the painting arrived safely across the country and into your hands. I don't know if you have ever seen this photo but this is where we hung the painting and what the mat/frame looked liked. I don't have a date for the photo but I'm guessing it's very close to the date on the painting. Backstory- This was artwork done by our late Uncle Gus Pausz. For over 25 years I had this safely tucked away in my brief case but unfortunately stored in a folded state. This resulted in some damage. My hope was that I'd restore it some day or make high quality prints of it. Let us know what you plan to do and please detail the process within this blog post. Since this is all I have, keep it safe. Thanks!

Gus Pausz (1943-2002)

Gus Pausz was an innovative educator who taught art for over 30 years. A gifted artist, he had a wide variety of interest such as birding, planting Midwest prairies, and book illustrating. The guy was truly a renaissance man who made an impact on many lives. link

From left to right. Tammy, Chris, David
March 5th-
I wanted to throw up another picture. Look past the dirty kid and puppy being tortured and you will see the second original artwork we received from Uncle Gus. This piece however mysteriously went missing years ago. Such a shame. You grow up staring at something throughout childhood and then its gone. Erick, do you even remember this? It might have been gone before you were born.

Number 16- Chris



The package arrived! We were very excited. (my expression does not do my excitement justice) Bianca picked me up from work, package in hand ,and we actually opened it in the car, too excited to wait until we got home. It's awesome! Thanks!





It's in fairly good shape considering. We're on the lookout for a vintage frame as we'll be hitting up thrift stores. It's not exactly a standard size so it could be a challenge. Our goal is to get it framed and put it up in time for an upcoming photoshoot of our place that is going to be featured on a popular blog -- (Showcasing Bianca's business) The ultimate goal being to make several posters (thinking silkscreen) for family members. We'll keep you updated! Thanks again!

--No, I have no memory of the one you just posted. I do remember the "pool player." But only because you've been lugging it around for so long. It would be nice if we could contact Debbie and send out a mass email and track down more paintings. *After the funeral, Gus' wife, Debbie, invited family members, students, and friends to come to the home and have a piece of his work.


  1. we have photographed the "grand opening" - photos coming your way soon. thanks so much for sending the artwork. it is really cool! i love the above photo where we get to see its original home!

  2. the photos look good, isn't there a date on painting? also the masking tape on the edges was put on by me. I think I was trying to protect it or something


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