Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"That old car might be worth money" (Old Commercials)

There have been a lot of old time Chicago commercials that have been permanently seared into our brains.  At or near the top of the list would have to be the Victory Auto Wreckers bit that was played constantly on WGN. It's an endearing classic  It still airs to this day having delighted audiences for over 25+ years. The hippy looking guy, the falling door, his huge leather wristwatch, the 60 bucks, old ass cars in junk yard....its all gravy.  There have been some changes and different voice-overs throughout the years.The hippy guy's name is Bob. I found him on Facebook.

This is the original May 25, 1985.  Notice the 312 area code. 7 acres of used parts.  The original says "That old car IS worth money..." Later version says "That old car MIGHT be worth money..."

630 area code and 10 acres of used parts. Different wording.

 I will be adding more.


  1. 5-8-8,2-3-hundred, "EMPIRE"

  2. oh I wouldn't forget about those cheesy empire commercials BIL. Don't get ahead of me here now, I know what I'm doing. Moo n Oink. I got this bitch. I'm mad, I'm bad. Sit back and enjoy


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