Friday, March 11, 2011

heart attack grill

Not really a shocker really. No one who weighs more than a quarter-ton is expected to live that long. It wasn't a heart attack but pneumonia that got him. Although I'm not a body mechanic, I'm pretty sure the excessive weight had something to do with his demise- compromised immune function or something like that. So, some people are wondering if the Heart Attack Grill should be shut down because it could endanger lives, that we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic and that a place like this sets a bad example.

Are you kidding me? A bad example? Oh stop. True, this burger joint is extremely unhealthy and eating too many meals here would be akin to suicide by food. But it's all novelty, a very successful marketing gimmick. No one is trying to hide anything. They don't pretend to do anything but deliver the most unhealthy and disgusting food possible. The warnings are clear- eat this shit and you may die. Even kids are discouraged from eating here. Contrast that with the heavily frequented big-chain fast food restaurants. For years big name places have been silently and secretly fattening up the population and only recently due to pressure have they started to make healthier changes.

"Do you want those fries?"

And let's remember, this is America. We have freedom of religion, speech and food. If you want to stuff your face and turn into an obesity statistic, by golly you have that right. Go ahead and continue to eat 6000 calories a day and condemn yourself to a life of always running out of toilet paper. It's your choice.

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