Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm so excited that I will get my first Kindle in a few days.  I had wanted one of these since 2007 when they first came out, but the price at the time was a little too much. I'm not one of those impatient people that buy all that first generation stuff, and I certainly won't wait for days in a line with a tent set-up, -are people really peeing in bottles? and what about.....uh nevermind.  Well I held off as long as I could, much like William Wallace,




Even though my heart was set on the Kindle, there were other players in the market I had to review before I took the plunge; especially the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  I liked the Nook, loved that color touchscreen LCD, but in the end, after looking at every feature, the Kindle in my mind was still the best dedicated e-reader.  I got the Kindle 3G+WiFi-6".  I was tempted by the DX's 9.7 screen but I couldn't justify spending $200 more bucks

I can't wait to get this!  I hope it won't interfere too much with my blog output- I like blogging, been at it for a month now, but nothing is quite like the comfort of a good reading experience.


  1. I don't know. There's nothing like holding a real book. I don't know if I could ever go digital. The smell of an old book, the taste, the sense of accomplishment when you put a finished book on your shelf. i conquered that fucker. and when people come over to your place they can see what you're made of. i know i'm holding onto the past but i still get most of my books either used off amazon or from the thrift store. (I've started a small collection of vintage sci-fi books- purchased solely based on the bad ass covers - maybe i'll post) anyway, good for you sir, may your journey into the literary future lead you to become more knowledge and closer to the future cyborgs we are all destined to become. when you become a fully capable cyborg please spare this human his life.

  2. pertaining to your last sentence, erick, technology growth is so rapid and the day computers pass the turing point and eventually reach the technological'singularity', it will be over for humans.....or maybe not. It's difficult to predict whether or not superintelligent cyborbs will eradicate us....I hope they keep hunans around. Hell, I'm glad they are preparing robots-just read an article about engineers letting them punch them in the arm to program the robots a sense of our levels of pain so as to limit potential injury. Smart machines are coming. This isn't so much sci-fi anymore-it's gonna happen. I should just blog about it.

    I like the feel of holding chopped down trees too. I will still have my library of real books (a real pain-in-the-ass to lug around when you move though) Face it bud, times are changing, newspapers are disappearing, this is the way its gonna go. Eventually, kids will no longer have to carry these 20 lbs backpacks of school books. Did you know these e-readers don't have a backlight but an e-ink display that looks like paper? Awesome stuff. Embrace the future. We are living in exciting times

  3. You must have been watching alot of Oprah this past week, the signs of the "O" addiction are really starting to show. This disease can be very dangerous. Trust me, I deal with the infected every time I get home. But it is not too late, for it seems like you are only in stage 1 borderline stage 2. Save yourself.....

  4. whatchoo takin about hank
    I can only guess you are referring to oprah's love of reading and her 'book club'

    are you anti-reading?

  5. Not at all, it's just that a few of your recent posts are in some ways Oprah related,jeez. Take it easy, your defensive snap tells me you are at least full blown stage 2 right now-denial is also more proof, for I've seen this before.

  6. I thought that was my first Oprah reference??
    maybe it's creeping into my subconscious. Thanks hank, I will try to be O-free for at least a month


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