Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bison escapes a grizzly fate

Game time is about an hour away.  Will the 4-3 Chicago Bears take down the 0-7 Buffalo Bills?  Will the game be as thrilling as the above real-life encounter?  I hope so.  The Bears had a bye week, so they should be well rested and should be capable of producing a full throaty roar. There is a huge difference between 5-3 and 4-4.  Let's go Bears!

**********after game edit**********

bears win 22-19
not a great performance overall but saw some good things from cutler

next week we play the wackiest team in the nfl
bears 5-3 vs vikings 3-5 (prolly the best 3-5 team)


  1. this image of the bear is both disturbing and kind of elegant.
    with that said, i like how the blog is shaping up! keep up the great work boys! you guys are rock stars!


  2. thank you miss the-one-that-started-it-all.

    We will be sure to mention your name during our acceptance speech at the bloggedy awards show.

    I have signed up for high speed internet and I'm excited that very soon, blogging will be so much easier.
    I have suffered greatly at the hands of dial-up services...I'm contemplating a law suit

    If a man can sue his former employer- mcdonalds- for becoming obese, then I think I have a good shot here


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