Saturday, February 19, 2011

You're the bitch. Bitch.

I'm sure you've seen this commercial. It aired during last years Super Bowl.

But did you see this version?

Women! Who knew they were funny. And who taught them how to use video equipment? Weren't they too busy at a PTA meeting or something, I mean --

I'm kidding! Geez!

Great video ladies. Well done. I do in fact cry everytime I watch "Rudy!" Haha! How did you know?!

This video isn't going to be broadcast during the SuperBowl, or go viral as effectively as a kitten riding a turtle. But, it is a nice kick in the crotch to all the meatheads out there that Dodge was counting on to eat it up.

Score one for the ladies!


Ok, I'm trying something new here.  I hope I'm not messing up your shit, but I have entered/trespassed your blog post.  I'm thinking it would be cool to continue a blog post if either party felt they wanted to add more to it.  The trespasser should use writing in bold.


Man, Chris, you really do like your white space. I like your idea. I really don't think I can top your pic, but this will have to do for now.


Cool pic man. you look pretty happy, like you were naively expecting a lot of money from the tooth fairy.  So yeah, this might work OR we get tired of it and it lands in the ash heap of failed blog ideas.  Let's think of new ways to structure the blog, like an individual post for a particular i wanna know more about something like how many takes did you have to do for Mr. Monkey...this is shit I'd like to know b4 I start losing my memory...I turned fcukin 40 ya know


  1. damn battle of the sexes again...this shit can get heated..don't get divorced just yet. blow off some steam with a board game

  2. so proud of my feminist boyfriend. :)


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