Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greatest Heavyweights


This is the game we are talking about! We would play it on Sega Genesis.
Greatest Heavyweights of the Ring! Man, the internet is amazing right? Beep, bop, boop, all your memories are kept on file.

I was always Muhammad Ali, my favorite boxer of all time, and I'm pretty sure you were Rocky Marciano.

What we loved most about the game was the catch phrases that the boxers were able to utter at the click of a button. And we had the old controllers, the ones with only three action buttons. What is hilarious is one of the buttons was solely for trash talking.

Muhammad Ali's two phrases were, "Oooh, I'm so pretty," and "What's my name?!" I can only remember one of Marciano's being, "I'm gonna embarrass you," in a thick NY Italian accent. We would try so hard to get some trash talk in, but it would most likely cost you a punch in the face. It was worth it.

This is great -- I found someone posted a Ali - Marciano - match on youtube! Watch how from the start the Ali fighter keeps trying to get out his catch phrase at the expense of taking some hits. Classic. The Marciano fighter is a bit more cautious about running his mouth. He succeeds on minute 1:27 - I'M GONNA EMBARRASS YOU.


Yep that's it! Sure brings back some good memories. I watched that whole match-good find there. A lot of tough battles we had, and thankfully it never spilled out of the ring with all that loosey lippy. I guess it was too early to put Tyson in as one of the GOAT's. I'm pretty sure I had the bronx bomber Joe Louis and what his taunt was, I have no idea. And if Steve was around, I certainly couldn't be Rocky! You know them Italians- they love their fighters as much as their cannoli. "Leave the gun, take..."

"Yo Andrian, I did it!" Yeah I'm switching gears here. I got to say, that was a great movie, well deserving of it's Best Picture win. You can't go wrong with boxing in film and now up for the Oscars is yet another one. I gotta check out 'The Fighter' soon. I miss what boxing used to be. It has been taken over in popularity by the lesser sport of MMA. I like MMA, don't get me wrong, it's just an entirely different animal, and good luck trying to win an Oscar with cage fighting!

balboa character inspired by rocky marciano

Since you brought up Sega I'm gonna have to go in search for Atari. You opened a can of worms bro, Ima gonna get deep in the 80's. OR more boxing?



You have to mention that this is you and David. I see you are doing a little showboating of your own. Who would win these matches?


Yes, David the middle-little-brother and I going for a few rounds. I could never go hardcore so it was just sparring and pretending we were Rocky Balboa and Mr. T, however, one time I did get caught up in the moment and that led to his abrupt retirement from the ring so early in his career. Before we got the gloves I remember talking to him about how exciting it would be and that I would record  'Eye of the Tiger" off the radio. It would be our fightin music. He didn't seem as thrilled as I was. Thankfully I had other siblings.  The real boxing came in when the white Don King pit Andrea the Assassin vs Erick Mount Everest.  Those were some pretty badass matches!  I'm so glad that there was no serious permanent damage and that you two still talk to each other.

many years after their legendary bouts, assassin and everest were able to reconcile enough to start doing each others hair


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  2. what? that don't make no sense. try again.

  3. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ((DING))
    Saved by the bell. Thx for fixing that...make sure you leave some white stuff at the bottom. Makes things easier

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  5. hahahhaha! i found my new facebook pic - why are you holding out on the photos!

    i'm gonna give andrea a call and get to the bottom of how and why her friend killed my hermit crab - future post - stay tuned

  6. If I were David, I would have kicked the shit out of you solely for wearing that jump suit-DORK!!!

  7. Well BIL I think you are just jelly of my fine threads. This is exactly what Pauly Walnuts would have worn! He was one stylish dude. Because of your poor fashion-sense, you were not considered worthy enough to get any action in 'The Family'. This served as a further reminder of your inadequacies, sending you on an unprovoked hostile attack on me, You're a raging lunatic, WTF! Let it go man, let it go. Besides, I'm sure you can get an outfit like this over at Walmart for 10 bucks


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