Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why the hate?


                                    "BEARS CAN EAT MY CORNFED ASS!!" ------------

Why, why the hate?  I'm referring to the not-so-loving feelings Bears and Packer fans have toward each other.  Reassuringly, most fans hold a moderate stance and you would probably find a lot of indifferent folk along with a few who just know nothing at all- the latter group being comprised of nerdy kids/nearly all women/new residents of Chicago/metro/those on lactaid.  And let's not forget about the crazy ones.  "It was a cow from Wisconsin that burned down our city!, you damn right I'm mad!"
Hey I'm all for friendly banter and light-hearted ribbing.  Did I just say the same thing twice?  But I don't understand the hatred.  Some examples.

-A Green Bay native taught his daughter her first words. "Buurs nee ta dieeeeeya" screamed 4 year old Farvella, as her beeming parents looked on.

-The FBI foiled the plans of a Chicagoan who was planning on hosting a huge fondue night with his outdoor hot tub.  Plans called for filling tub with velveeta and throwing in some kidnapped packer fans and then feeding them to a thousand hungry rabid mice.

This needs to stop. It's getting out of control.
As the voice of reason, I will say that it is perfectly fine to have a spirited rivalry with another.  It makes things more interesting.  It's fun trash talkin. Let's keep it at that level.

I'm old enough to remember all those nasty cheap shots inflicted on the Bears by Green Bay.  I remember walter payton being knocked out of bounds and pushed over a bench, I remember jim mcmahon being picked up and slammed on his shoulder after the play was called dead, I remember the vicious hit on matt suhey.  But that was a different time.  Those players don't even have memories of it anymore due to repeated head trauma.  So let bygones be bygones.  Let's all join hands and unite in the brotherhood of football fans.




  1. "let's all join hands and unite in the brotherhood of football fans." WTF, sounds like you were visited by Hank.

  2. We are one concussion away from the Superbowl ;)

  3. @hank- I was just visited with the reality that the NFL may be blamed for the the downfall of America. Sunday has been hijacked! It's difficult to answer why so many throngs of people are leaving church into the warm arms of the NFL. Just a guess- it's more exciting, comfortable seating, the food is better, and you can drink beer and cuss.
    also, Superbowl>heaven
    so, the church needs to reevaluate their sales strategy. you can't sell tickets with the same ole message- spice up the story a bit, promise even better rewards etc

    @ BIL- peppers is gonna rock some skulls

  4. I solely blame you, Anti-Christ Chris, for the loss against our greatest enemy!!! For it was you who is blasphemous against the One whom could have lead us to victory. Damn you!!!!!!!!
    Please, for the sake of true Bear fans everywhere, become a Packer,or Patriots,(or both) fan and doom these teams next year so the Bears get what they deserve. The Superbowl win that was robbed from them, a punishment that only you solely deserved....You Prick!!

    Also, keep warm, wear a scarf to cover your face. It is going to be cold this week and breathing this air in can cause a pneumonia.

  5. damn hank, that's some strong words ya got there. I'm not giving up da bears, never gonna happen. I really don't think the gods would intervene with trivial football games. where would they find the time?? they are busy creating mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, killer floods, diseases,-insert other things that unfairly kill-

    So, chill out man. Take deep breaths, count to ten.

    I don't do scarves buddy

    oh and one last thing. my face book message after family bowling night.

    christopher pausz "was 3 game champ. I'd like to thank all those who struggled mightily to unseat the king. Although you all were failures, I admired the courage and tenacity you displayed throughout the night. bwahhaha "
    January 30, 2011 12:53 PM


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