Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chicago icon arrested for DUI

C'mon Mike Adamle, you had it all.  What the hell are you doing.

You broke records as a college running back.  You got to play for the Bears as the late great Walter Payton was coming into his own. Jesus Christ on a trampoline!, you were on the sideline when sweetness broke O.J's single game rushing record.  You hosted all those sports shows throughout the years.  You were co-host for the insanely awesome show American Gladitors.  You covered the summer Olympics and let's not forget the XFL! Holy crap!, as an interviewer for WWE you even got to bitch slap one of them roided ring animals. Thankfully you got away from all that craziness, returned to NBC as a sports anchor/reporter and entered and finished a triathalon in your 60's.  Wow, you're freaking 61 and you seem to never age.  I really think you should be the host for Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve.  Ryan out, Mike in. But don't mess this up Mike.

Sold soul to the devil- Unconfirmed

EDIT- January 13th

"WMAQ-Ch. 5 sportscaster Mike Adamle’s blood-alcohol level was under the legal limit after a traffic stop that led to a DUI charge, sources said Thursday"


  1. Say it ain't so Adamle... Nitro would be ashamed.

  2. apparently Mike is off the hook. supposedly it was his medication he takes for his epilepsy

  3. Technically, I don't think it is possible to forgive them. We're holding it against them by denying them rights. Do you want to deny them rights?

  4. @ peter- whatchu talkin bout willis?


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