Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun on Craigslist

So, I just came across this email chain from '09 where I responded to a Craigslist Post looking for a little person to work a birthday party.  It sounded degrading so I thought it was my duty to mess with them.

*I wish I had the original post - but basically they were in need of a little person to serve drinks or jump on a trampoline, I can't really remember but it pissed me off.

Here's my first response and so on:


I am a little person. I can lift up to 200 pounds, but I prefer to only lift 100 pounds if I'm at a b-day party. How many kids do you want me to lift at once? Please let me know when so I can start training. Awesome. I charge 20 dollars an hour but I will do it for  free if you provide good food. No tacos. They make me sick to my stomach. I puke easily. Sweet. This sounds like fun. Can I ask you a favor? Do you think I can spend the night cuz I plan on getting really drunk. Cool, hit me back up. 



*attached this photo: 


Hi Alice,
It's nice to meet you. You won't have to lift anything or anyone. I will gladly pay you $20 per hour. I will provide dinner, just let me know what your favorite thing to eat is, and I'll have it there for you. Are you local to Pasadena?


*I did not respond


If you are still interested, please call me or email me your number. Thank you.



nah, i gotta move to Egypt. GOod luck!


Thanks for fucking with me....

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