Wednesday, December 8, 2010

return to blogging

I have written one blog post in the time span of a month.   I haven't been blogging up a shit storm.  How the hell did this happen?  Did the new-car smell wear off?  Did I get arthritic in the fingers or brain? I'm trying to figure this out.  Since humans love to blame things, I will say it's the fault of my Kindle and my new high-speed internet service.  That's right, I'm being inundated with information.  I'm overloaded to the max.

First, I started reading a lot of books on my kindle, well, at least as far as the free samples will let me.  So, basically, I've read a lot of the beginning chapters of books.  I tell ya, I would dread seeing the inevitable page

{ End of this sample Kindle book.  Enjoyed the sample?  Buy NOW } 

"Noooo. Oh please, not now, gimme one more chapter"

Every time I start a new book I have this irrational thought that perhaps I will get lucky and go beyond the demarcation line or at least be blessed with a long sample.  This never happens.

Being abruptly shut-down, reminds me of going to the candy store as a kid and picking out everything that appealed to my taste buds and realizing I forgot to bring any money.  Actually, I was deluding myself and I knew I didn't have money and was hoping that by some miracle from the sugar gods, I would be exempt from this silly notion of currency.  The gods never intervened in my plight -not even a sample 1-cent sweedish fish- but a look of pity from the candy dispenser guy.  I have dreams one day to go back to that place where I experienced my first dose of harsh reality and exact revenge.  I will stroll in confidently in my fishermen's outfit, complete with pole, net, and fish-hook hat.  There will be no stories of the one that got away this time.  I will slam a 'jackson' on the counter and proceed to greedily wipe out the fish population.  To complete the scene, I will then stuff them in my oversized tackle box and laugh haughtily as I exit the ruins.

 High-speed internet is pretty cool.  I can now watch videos and I even played some online games.  I have however come to the conclusion that it can be a major distraction and time killer if taken to excess.  I realized that i don't have to see or do everything, it's impossible anyways, there is soo much out there.  Just like the kindle, I want to read everything but I must be realistic and placate myself with a few key areas of interest.  Until the day we can bypass our slow brains with implanted computers, we have to be very selective with input.

 Anyhoo, I shall return to blogging.

I have this idea for a novel or a story for a movie.  It is horror/thriller. I don't read much of novels beyond the forced-to-read classics so I'm not sure how to approach this.  I will be checking out some books on writing to help flesh this out.

And I plan on learning to type.  I'm still a hunt and peck guy.  Although the speed isn't too bad, I want to look at the screen and not the keyboard.  Mavis here I come.


  1. Welcome back, bro, I was getting worried. Yes, limit yourself, the internet can be a scary place. I remember when you got your first computer, and being the only computer in the house, became my computer as well. That first few weeks I did nothing but learn to type with my gal pal Mavis Beacon, as she was so encouraging. I don't know why you got discouraged and turned your back on her. You were jealous of our relationship no doubt. Good luck rekindling your love. As for the writing books what are you reading?? I haven't heard back from you in weeeeks.

  2. That's funny --- that you read the sample books on the Kindle. I feel information overload myself.

  3. Mavis and I had a tryst for about an hour yesterday. She reassuringly guided my uncoordinated digits over her awesome software program. If it wasn't for her positivity in the face of my embarrassing efforts, I may very well have given up and joined the monastery.

    I have the books you recommended awhile back
    'Save the cat' and 'Bird by bird'....

    ...well uh, the Kindle sample that is. I will buy it if I like em. BTW I read all the David Sedaris books...uh samples. Funny guy.

    @ P. Fitz- well keep in mind, I'm not exclusively a sample reader. I buy the ones that really hold my interest. Also there are hundreds of thousands of free full books. A whole lotta info coming at us, humans today experience more info in a week than bronze age people in their entire lives (just a guess)


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